Packaging Materials

Part of our environmental policy is to use a packing product called Biofill, which is made from corn and potato starch and can be composted. Also, the Biofill peanuts we use are predominantly pre-loved, as we recover and recycle as much packaging as possible. Bio-Fill is an environmentally friendly version of packing ‘peanuts’. Made from corn and potato starch in South Australia, Bio-Fill is cleaner and greener, acting as a natural shock absorber and void filler so products aren’t damaged in transit. An excellent alternative to plastic Air-Pillows or styrofoam packing ‘peanuts’, Bio-Fill will help keep both your products and the environment better protected. Made with natural corn and potato starch and 100% care in South Australia. BIODEGRADABLE – COMPOSTABLE – RECYCLABLE – NON TOXIC – CONFORMS WITH STANDARDS EN-13423>AS4736.2006>AS5810.2010 Did you know that you can add Bio-Fill to your garden soil? It’s also great for earthworms in compost.