Book Holder

High quality book rest with a clean metal finish.

Introducing HERMA’s book holder – the ultimate multitasker!

At a height of 19cm when opened, a width of 19.8cm, and a depth of 15.7cm, this rack is perfect for holding even the heaviest books, atlases, and computer tablets. The best part? Its tilt angle can be adjusted to 5 different positions, providing maximum comfort for your neck while reading or using your tablet computer whether it’s on your desk, on campus, or in the kitchen.

With slip-resistant knobs on the bottom, this rack is stable and secure, ensuring your books and tablets stay in place. And when you’re done, simply fold it up and store it away until you need it again.

Available in white, pink, black, and red, this is the perfect gift for book lovers, tablet enthusiasts, and chefs alike. It’s great for holding books, tablet computers, magazines, exercise books, music sheets, and cookbooks of all sizes. Plus, it’s flexible enough to use in the office, home office, while travelling, at school, on campus, in kindergarten, in the kitchen, at outdoor barbecues, and even at home on the sofa.

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Our convenient book holder allows you to comfortably read anywhere, without the strain on your hands and neck. You'll get lost in your favourite story, while our holder keeps your book open and your hands free. Reading becomes a breeze with our versatile holders, perfect for home or travel.